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Higher Education in Ontario

The Ontario campus of Brandman University offers many different associate, bachelors’, masters’, doctorate, and credential programs.  The majority of the programs at Brandman University use a mixed teaching structure that involves both online and on-campus student participation.  Classes meet on-campus once a week for three hours of in-person instruction with the class professor.  Further class participation is conducted online, where students communicate with classmates in a virtual classroom forum.  The class schedule and limited time spent on-campus allows students with full or part-time jobs to pursue their education easier than they would be able to do with a more traditional class schedule.  Brandman is well known for having knowledgeable faculty, friendly staff, and affordable tuition rates to ensure each student succeeds.  Contact our accredited school in Ontario to learn more about our graduate and undergraduate programs offered year-round.

Degrees and Courses

Regardless of the discipline, all of the bachelors’ and masters’ degrees such as accounting, human resources, health administration, criminal justice, social science, and education offer challenging course work, and experienced faculty.  A bachelor's degree in finance is another great option for those students who enjoy topics like capital markets, investments, and international finance.  All of Brandman’s on-campus programs are taught in a blended format that mixes classroom instruction with online assignments and learning.  Some degree programs are also available in a strictly online environment for added flexibility, which is great for busy students who hold full-time jobs, have children, etc.  Brandman University provides a valuable education value that is also affordable since financial aid may be available for those who qualify.

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