BBA in Organizational Communication

Bachelor of Business Administration, Organizational Communication

This degree program prepares students for new and continued business careers. By learning the complexities of human behavior, the value of internal relationships, and the skill of building external stakeholders, students are prepared for any career requiring advanced communication skills.

BA in Applied Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies

The program is designed to accommodate the different educational backgrounds of students from a variety of professions and industries. The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies is ideal for those who want to build upon their technical and occupational skills by customizing their degrees to directly align with their career paths. Its cross-disciplinary curriculum explores multicultural perspectives, sociological change, technological advances and leadership theories to prepare them to compete in today’s workforce.

AA, General Education

This degree program is designed to introduce students to a broad range of subjects, including written and oral communication, liberal studies, mathematics, history, art, philosophy, social sciences and natural sciences. This foundation prepares students to continue their education toward earning their bachelor’s degree.