2042 Teaching Credential, Single Subject

This credential program is ideal for those looking to teach a specific subject, such as math or English, in a K-12 classroom in California and typically is sought by those wishing to teach at the middle- or high-school level. Students will learn to design engaging lessons, develop the skills necessary for planning and differentiating instruction, classroom management and assessment.

Ed.S., School Psychology and MA, Educational Psychology with Pupil Personnel Services Credential, School Psychology

Ed.S., School Psychology and Master of Arts in Educational Psychology with the Pupil Personnel Services Credential in School Psychology

This degree prepares students to serve as a school psychologist and provide consultation services to parents and school staff, crisis management services to schools, and collaborate with institution-linked health services. 

MAT, Secondary Education with 2042 Single Subject Credential

Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Education with Single Subject Credential

This degree program plus credential prepares teachers at the middle school or high school levels to teach a specific subject area using new technologies. Graduates will design engaging lessons, differentiate instruction, manage a classroom, and develop and analyze educational assessments.