MA, Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy

Master of Arts in Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy

The program is designed to help students acquire a broad-based knowledge of psychology in its historical and cultural contexts, both as an empirical science of human behavior and as a foundation for a professional career in human services. The Master of Arts in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy includes a substantial experimental component in which the student works under supervision in an approved counseling site.

BA in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

This degree is designed for students interested in addressing a broad range of topics within psychology without being tied to one particular focus. Students are encouraged to participate in fieldwork, independent research projects, and elective courses.

BBA in Supply Chain Systems

Bachelor of Business Administration, Supply Chain Systems

This degree program introduces students to project management, leadership, labor relations, organizational behavior and business information systems. They will hone their management abilities by learning to prioritize, plan, organize and solve problems while creating sustainable and efficient business processes.

BBA in Organizational Leadership

Bachelor of Business Administration, Organizational Leadership

This degree program introduces students to principles of organizational behavior, development and change, leadership theory, and team-building. Graduates will be responsible for finding solutions to problems, managing employees and helping their companies foster strong interpersonal relationships.

BBA in Organizational Communication

Bachelor of Business Administration, Organizational Communication

This degree program prepares students for new and continued business careers. By learning the complexities of human behavior, the value of internal relationships, and the skill of building external stakeholders, students are prepared for any career requiring advanced communication skills.