MA, Educational Leadership and Administration with Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration, with Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

School administrators are vital to the success of our educational systems and the communities they serve. As the demand for qualified educational professionals continues to grow, job diversity within the field offers new opportunities for development. Many educators desire to become elementary, middle, and high school principals who are responsible for managing daily school activities, coordinate curricula, and oversee staff.

MA, Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy

Master of Arts in Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy

The program is designed to help students acquire a broad-based knowledge of psychology in its historical and cultural contexts, both as an empirical science of human behavior and as a foundation for a professional career in human services. The Master of Arts in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy includes a substantial experimental component in which the student works under supervision in an approved counseling site.

BA in Psychology

This degree is designed for students interested in addressing a broad range of topics within psychology without being tied to one particular focus. Students are encouraged to participate in fieldwork, independent research projects, and elective courses.

MS in Human Resources

This degree program provides the skills and tools needed to maximize employee engagement and address cultural, regulatory and behavioral issues in a diverse workforce. Students will learn strategic management, staffing, training and development, conflict and negotiation, employee benefits and legal issues.

MBA in Health Administration

This degree program includes a core business curriculum with a foundation in leadership, corporate responsibility, ethics and sustainability. With the health administration emphasis, students will explore increased market competition, major organizational restructuring and consolidation, the rapidly changing science base and the impact of increased government regulations on the health industry.