BBA, Information Systems Management

Bachelor of Business Administration, Information Systems Management

The MyPath programs are made up of three parts. The first involves general education curriculum in which you learn basic concepts from a variety of fields. You will then move on to the business core material that represents the Brandman BBA learning outcomes of accounting, economics and finance, business law and ethics, strategy, information technology, management, leadership and marketing. The final part of the program focuses on the emphasis of your choice.

Graduate Certificate, Organizational Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership

This program is designed to develop the conceptual and interpersonal skills needed to allow leaders to include value-centered, service-driven principles into their everyday operating philosophies and styles. The Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership merges theory and practice to help mid-level career professionals to have a heightened awareness of their capabilities and limitations as change agents.

Graduate Certificate, Business Administration

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

This program is designed to introduce conceptual and practical skills needed for standard business practice. The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is particularly helpful for both business and non-business students that wish to enhance their administrative abilities within for-profit, public sector or non-profit environments.

MBA, Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

A successful career in today’s global business environment requires an advanced understanding of the complex factors that go into managing successful organizations and their networks. Navigate through the ever-evolving marketplace by gaining valuable skills and abilities that can be applied to a variety of professions and industries. Attaining your master’s in business administration can help open the doors to future jobs.

FCC Radar Endorsement

TECU-0010: FCC Radar Endorsement

This course is a review of the fundamental operational requirements applicable to Pulse, Doppler,

CW, and FM RADAR Systems, the installation, repair, and troubleshooting of such systems, RADAR system/component human safety regulations, and the electro-­‐magnetic spectrum as it relates to commercial RADAR systems in accordance with U.S. federal government (FCC) requirements. This course is endorsed by the United States Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for licensure. This course is 16 hours and equivalent to 1.6 CEUs.

FCC High Frequency License

TECU-0009: FCC High Frequency License

This course is dedicated to the preparation for the new, highly important federal license for telecommunications employees. Class participants are prepared to take the U.S Federal Communications Commission (FCC) examination. The examination is a 100-­‐question instrument consisting of Element 1 (Federal Law) 24 questions, and Element 3 (Communications Technology) 76 questions. This course is 16 hours and equivalent to 1.6 CEUs.


Learning Objectives: Goals for student learning