PayTrain Certification Exam Preparation

Individuals working in the payroll industry enjoy the flexibility of working for large or small companies or to work independently as a consultant. In cooperation with the American Payroll Association, the PayTrain Fundamentals and Mastery courses are ideal for seasoned professionals or new hires. These comprehensive courses provide students with a solid understanding of payroll compliance, payroll calculations, fringe benefits, employment taxes, record keeping, payroll accounting, management, and administration.

Who can benefit from these courses?

Post-Masters to DNP

Post-Masters to Doctor of Nursing Practice

There is a gap in nursing leadership as the healthcare industry becomes increasingly complex and reliant on technology, leading to an excellent job outlook for nurse executives during the next decade. Achieving your Doctor of Nursing Practice degree allows you to pursue advanced positions in the industry such as a clinical manager, administrator, director and policy maker among others.

Post Doctoral Certificate, Psychiatric and Mental Health NP

Post Doctoral Certificate, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Attaining a post doctoral certificate can expand a nurse's professional practice, increase job opportunities, and meet the requirements to become nationally certified in a selected specialty area. The Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Post Doctoral Certificate explores subjects such as psychopharmacology, complex problems in family psychiatric care, industry management principles and psychotherapeutic treatment modalities.