This online program authorizes you to provide specialized instruction to English learners in a California classroom. You'll learn to design curriculum to assist students with developing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English.

The California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) leading to an English Learning (EL) Authorization program addresses the belief that teaching English learners requires an understanding of multiple concepts to provide a successful education environment. Courses address the belief that teaching English learners requires an understanding of first and second language acquisition theories; how culture impacts learning; appropriate bilingual methodology; and the need to use appropriate content area instruction through Specially-Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE).

Extended Education offers two CTEL courses every academic session. Students must begin the CTEL program with either EDUU 526 or EDUU 570, depending on the schedule of offerings. Once either EDUU 526 or EDUU 570 have been passed, students may proceed freely within the program.

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Students may begin these courses prior to being admitted to Brandman University. However, students must be admitted to Brandman before submitting their culminating portfolio and being recommended to the CTC.

EDUU 570 Voice, Diversity, Equity and Social Justice

Students focus on the disenfranchised of California’s schools, including females, certain immigrant as well as native populations, people with disabilities, and people of lower socio-economic means, with particular emphasis on the unique challenges such diversity brings to the classroom. The history, culture, and expectations of these groups are emphasized as they apply to teaching and counseling and the fostering of cross-cultural respect among California’s diverse populations. A minimum of 15 hours of field experience is required. Required for CLAD certificate.

EDUU 526 Theories in Language Structure and Acquisition

Candidates explore current theories of language acquisition, focusing on issues involved in first and second language development and comparative/contrastive linguistics and its influence on second language acquisition. This course provides an overview of state-designated assessment instruments and educational program placement options. Required for CLAD certificate.

EDUU 527 English Language and Literacy Development


This course engages candidates in integrated and thematic multilingual pedagogy founded upon the need for students to be social and communicative in their learning. It focuses on applying theoretical models to the learning of English. Candidates examine bilingual methodologies, focusing on the practical aspects of teaching, organizing and managing classroom to meet the needs of English language learners. Required course for CLAD certificate.

EDUU 528 Content-based Instruction and Assessment for Linguistic Minority Students: SDAIE


Candidates examine current approaches and strategies appropriate for content area instruction through specially-designed instruction delivered in English (sheltered English). Coursework includes learning/teaching processes, social interactions, teacher delivery approaches, and alternative assessment. Candidates are required to develop lessons and lesson presentations. Required course for CLAD certificate.


  • EDUU 570: Fall I, Spring I, Summer I
  • EDUU 526: Fall II, Spring II, Summer II
  • EDUU 527: Fall I, Spring I, Summer I
  • EDUU 528: Fall II, Spring II, Summer II


  • $525/Course
  • $100 LiveText Membership (one-time fee)


  • 3 graduate credits/course