MA, Educational Leadership, Professional Learning Community

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, Professional Learning Community

This program provides a unique model of learning by taking a unique approach to identifying electives results are customized to meet the needs of specific groups of learners. This type of modality was designed through collaboration between Brandman University, District and County Offices of Education, with the intention to  maximize every student's educational development by providing quality content where needed and reduce redundancy.

The Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, Professional Learning Community is designed for a team of educational leaders who are motivated to create a learning community that shares a common vision, is committed to enhancing its professional practice and collaborates in thinking and learning about professional practice. This group will identify a set of values that will make the learning experience mutually successful, and embrace collegiality as a tool to enhance professional effectiveness to increase student learning and improve the services their educational systems provide.

It is for students actively enrolled in, or recent graduates of, a California Teacher Credential (CTC) approved School District or County Office of Education, Administrative Services Credential program. Candidates may be admitted to the program while completing a CTC approved partner program, however they may not apply for degree completion until the entire MA Educational Leadership is completed, including those courses taken through a District or County Office of Education.

Admission Requirements

Applicants intending on enrolling in this program, whether online or on campus, must be California residents and must complete the formal application process with all required documents, which include:

  1. Two letters of recommendation along with the waiver forms from individuals who are familiar with the applicant's academic/professional ability to undertake graduate study.
  2. Possess a Valid California Clear prerequisite credential
  3. Proof of a passing score on the California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST) or any CTC approved basic skills tests is required for admission to all credential programs or a valid California Credential that required passage of basic skills to receive the credential.
  4. Current Resume.
  5. Letter of Intent.
  6. If the candidate is not currently employed in a position requiring a “basic” CTC credential, he/she must submit a letter identifying the school and principal under whom field work assignments will be completed

Transfer Credit from Approved Program (Maximum of 15 credits)

Participation in, or recent completion of, a CTC approved School District or County Office of Education (COE or CEO) Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program. The MOU will determine the amount of transfer units. No other transfer courses may be allowed other than the CTC approved School District or County Office of Education program.


Core courses (3 credits)

EDUU 600 Research and Evaluation Methods 3


Electives (Minimum 12-15 credits)

Electives are selected by the candidates with approval of the Associate Dean after completing EDUU 500 that would enhance their professional effectiveness to increase student learning and to meet school and/or district needs. Electives must be from the 500 or 600 level EDAU, EDCI, or EDUU courses, excluding EDAU 691. The Associate Dean will determine the PLC’s educational path to determine the best way to serve this community.


Total Credits 30
Brandman University's Irvine Campus
16355 Laguna Canyon Road, 1st Floor, Irvine, CA, 92618