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When looking at colleges near Yucaipa, CA, consider Brandman University.  Brandman University is designed to open up educational opportunities for busy working professionals who cannot accommodate the inflexible schedule of most traditional on-campus degree programs.  Brandman University has adopted, for many of its programs, a blended class format.  Students are able to enjoy the benefits of a traditional classroom setting while appreciating the flexibility of online classes.  On-campus classes are held once a week usually at night, and during this time students receive instruction from our insightful and experienced faculty.  Class discussions and other class material throughout the week are addressed by the students online in a virtual classroom forum.  This innovative approach to classroom learning sets Brandman University apart from other universities and colleges near Yucaipa, CA.

Degrees and Courses

Bachelors’, masters’, and doctoral level degree programs are available across different disciplines at the Brandman University Yucaipa campus.  All of the bachelors’ and masters’ level degree programs in the business and professional studies, and education disciplines are taught in our blended format style.  Other degrees, such as our masters’ level psychology programs and our doctorate degree in Education are taught in an in-person classroom setting.  Make sure to take note of the indicated teaching style for each program as you look through degree options.

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